About Me

A warm welcome to you.  I'm Julie and I create illustrations and patterns from my studio in middle England, UK.   About 2 years ago I challenged myself to understand the digital world of designing, which wasn’t really in place when I trained in Textile Design in the 1990s.

I enjoy bringing together my love of drawing with the humour and creativity I use when making props and writing scripts for panto. Not many things are as cathartic as a good show that makes you laugh out loud.  I truly believe having laughter and smiles in your life is essential for good health..both mental and physical. It’s not just the script– a good prop can bring a giggle and a smile, even to the actor using it or reacting to it.

Quite simply I want to make you smile. I design my patterns to be fresh and cheery so they can be applied to products that are props in our everyday environment from cushions in your lounge to a greeting card from a friend.

Smiling is a tonic….whether it is with each other or just to ourselves, it brightens the room and lightens the mood.

My favourite smiley people are Victoria Wood, Dawn French, Ruth Jones and Peter Kay whose art in observing the humour of everyday life is truly inspirational.